E3 Xeon 1200 v2(ivy) series overclocking. (e3 1230 v2)

Hello, the particular processor in question is the E3 1230 v2! To begin with i AM aware that the xeons have locked multipliers and cannot be overclocked simply by increasing the multiplier, such as is possible with the 2xxxk i5s and i7s. However has anybody had any luck overclocking one using the fsb, and if so what motherboard were you using? Or is it the case that not only the multiplier is locked but also using this cpu will cause the FSB to be locked at standard also? Just to clarify this processor is LGA1155 and is supported by various desktop boards. For example my current processor (the 1055t thurban) has it's multiplier locked at 14, however i currently have it overclocked by setting the fsb from 200 mhz to 250mhz which has worked like a charm. Will a similar thing be possible with an e3 xeon, and yes i am aware there will be a limit to how much i can overclock it using this method as opposed to simply increasing the multiplier however i'm really only considering a 20-30% overclock. Thanks.
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    keto82 said:
    has anybody had any luck overclocking one using the fsb
    Hello keto82;

    There isn't a FSB on your E3-1230 v2. You might be able to get 3% improvement with BCLK overclock but that's not really worth the effort and possible loss of stability.

    The best you'd be able to arrange is for the CPU to run @ 3.7Ghz (it's top turbo speed) full time. Or about 10%. If your motherboard allows you can 'lock' the multiplier at the turbo 3.7Ghz option. Again, probably isn't enough of an increase to make it worthwhile.
  2. Well, it is actually not a good idea to O.C. a Xeon processor.

    Because those processors were designed for stability, such as server or programming or other professional usage.

    Especially for sandy/ivy bridge, it is not good to go beyond 110% of CPU blk.

    This will not make very much difference in performance that you could even notice.

    If you just want your computer to run Adobe or Games smoothly, upgrade to a better GPU will be more effective than O.C. your processor.

    P.S. in my personally opinion, I think Xeon series CPU are very nice for any intensive computing related works such as heavy programmer and engineers. It saves the cost on integrated graphic card with-in the core-i series which is a waste for the professional users who never demand graphics or have to use high-end GPUs. If you are trying to overclock you computer into a super PC, get i7/i5 xxxK instead.
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