Why cant my pc support higher resolution for games after windows 7 upg

Okay guys I am going to make this brief and crystal clear here for confusion.

Now Here are my pc specs:
-intel i3 3.1 ghz processor(64 bit processor)
-8 gb ram ddr3
-ati hd 4350 512 mb
-1 tb hdd
-asus lga 1155 motherboard
-500 watt power supply

okay now, I recently upgraded windows xp to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Now when I had windows xp I used to support the latest resolutions like 19xx by 768 or whatever. Now when I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate x64 my highest resolution is 1360 x768. Now my pc had installed the pnp monitor, vga controller, and etc. Now I already have download the latest drivers off amd for my ati hd 4350. It is the 11.12 version 109 mb released on 12/13/2011. Now after installing that I have 1360x768. I have also turned my monitor on and off and nothing. Lastly when I played my latest games like mass effect 2 or resident evil 5, on launch the screen turns black and it says "Not supported". This enforces me to go to config.ini files for games to adjust the resolution every time to play the latest games. Like I said this happened when I upgraded to windows xp to windows 7 x64 bit ultimate. Now please do not tell me to get another graphics card. I am currently doing that but, I want to solve this issue before I even order one. Ok? Thanks guys I would appreciate the help. :pfff: btw my monitr is a dynex pnp monitor. '22 in
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  1. Something is up with how Windows is seeing your monitor, not an issue with the video card. What's your monitor model #?
  2. cant find the model. I know its Dynex 19' inch
  3. dathip said:
    cant find the model. I know its Dynex 19' inch

    19 or 22? You posted 22 at first.

    Most 19" wide-screen monitors have a resolution of 1440x900.

    Model will be somewhere on the case, need that to verify what the max resolution of the monitor is.
  4. sorry guys its a 19' inch dynex monitor. That is all I know. it says for my windows pnp monitor the drivers are uptodate. went to properties, computer device manager, etc blah blah blah and they were up to date. thanks
  5. According to their site, all 19" Dynex monitors have a resolution of 1366x768, and what is that 1920x768 resolution you're talking about? That definitely isn't standard.

    Simply change your game options to 1366x768 and you should be fine.
  6. doesnt make a difference bro. I have 1360xsomething as an option for mass effect 2 and the game not only lags in window mode, but still gives me the "not supported" issue if it is full screen. the 1920x768 is the max resolution my card(ati 4350 512 mb pcie) can support
  7. I think you are confused. 1920 x 1080 is standard 16:9 screen ratio and 1920 x 768 is not supported by any graphics card.. Do you realize that 1920 x 768 would require an oddly elongated monitor to display?

    I've seen VERY few 19" monitors that support a resolution greater than 1440 x 900. There's really not a point to have a higher resolution for such a small screen.

    On a side note, why can't you look at the manufacturer's sticker on the back of the monitor and give us a model number? Every display ever created has one.

    You never responded to what resolution you are running your desktop in. Why haven't you at least checked that?

    Edit: Of course Mass Effect 2 "lags" in window mode. A 4350 is hardly capable of running the game. What do you expect from a $30 graphcis card?

    ok bro. I mean 1920x something I wasnt sure what the resolution is. My computer resolution is 1360x768. And two the game lags after I had installed windows 7. When I was running mass effect 2 in windowed mode it was doing great on windows xp home edition and of course the resolution was higher.
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