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I', trying to open my ports 80 and 37777 and have successfully opened them on my linksys router but behind that I have an at&t modem/router....My questions is how do I find the URL number to access my second router to open the ports on it also?
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  1. how is your network setup?

    AT&T ---> linksys ----> computer
  2. Emerald said:
    how is your network setup?

    AT&T ---> linksys ----> computer

    Yes, AT&T then the Linksys then the computer, I usually find the Default Gateway under status on the Linksys but I am unable to find it now to forward the ports for the AT&T. Any Suggestions on where to go to locate the Default Gateway?
  3. Another thing you could do is, ask AT&T to change the modem into Bridge mode.

    Then you will have to change your router WAN side setting to PPPoE, enter your account name (usually your AT&T/SBC email address) and the password, and make sure to set the connection mode to I think it is called "Always On" (default is "On Demand")

    If you do not know your account info, ask AT&T while you are on the phone with them.
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