Extremely low budget CPU question

Before reading this I'd like to tell everyone who wants to reply with "get this "link" this is so much better" yes, sure, I know, but you're probably not gonna send me the extra cash now, are you.
To the topic at hand: Will the Celeron G530
be an overkill for a 8600GT or an HD 6570? If so, what CPU would you recommend for only THOSE cards.
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  1. Celeron G530 2.4GHz (Sandy Bridge) CPU is a decent match for the 8600GT / Radeon HD 6570.

    Are you asking the question from a gaming perspective?
  2. Yes, I am
  3. Also, would there be a big difference in performance if it weren't that Celeron but a Core2 Duo E4000 and something @ 2.4 GHz?
  4. Is there something you're not telling me?
  5. Well currently I have a single core and the 8600gt, and my friend says he might give me his Core2 Duo if he gets a new PC, but I'm not sure he will and I'm just scouting low budget stuff (also my psu has no 6 pin connector and that's why my eyes are on the 6570)
  6. What power supply do you have?
  7. the sandy bridge cpu will give your low cost gaming pc head room if you put in a faster video card when you have the cash or if the cpu is to slow you be able to swap it out with a faster cpu. as the 1155 boards you be able to swap in and i5 or an i7 sb without any issues..if it has the right x68 xhipset with a flash update you can drop in a ib chip. the older 775 chips and mb are eof your going to pay more for a lot slower cpu. on power supply it the wattage not the connectors..if it a good 500w ps you can get a faster card you just have to use a molex to 6 pin pci cable.
  8. I have a 400w psu, yet no 6 pin. Anyway thank you both for your responses, I think I got what I was looking for :)
  9. If it's a quality 400W PSU we can slip something more powerful into your system.
    There are PCI-e to Molex power adapters that can make up for missing 6pin PSU connectors.
  10. No not really, no brand on it ^^
  11. Make and model of the system? We might be able to look it up.
  12. Also, just to chip in, you can also get the HD 7750 as it does not require a power connector.
  13. really? i didn't know that :/ and wr2, thanks but really it's not necessary, even if it were eligible I probably won't have the cash for a better card :)
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