Graphics card overheating, need advice on next step

My GPU is idling at 75 Celsius, and goes up to 95ish when I am playing any game. I crash to desktop once every 30 mins or so, and once every couple of hours its a blue screen of death.

I am using an nVidia GeForce 8800 GT

I have tried cleaning out the case, updating drivers, installing an extra case fan, and running speedfan for the voltage of the power supply. The power supply numbers were:

VScore1: 1.20 V
VScore2: 1.84 V

+3.3V is at 2.99V
+5v is at 4.97V
+12V is at 12.22V

-12V is at -16.9V
-5V is at -5.31V
+5v is at 5.00V

Vbat 3.09V

If someone could tell me the next step from here I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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  1. I'm not a PSU expert, but it looks like your voltages may be out of spec. What model do you have?

    What voltage is your GPU running at?

    Maybe try taking the video card out and see if you're still getting crashes. If they stop, it's failing GPU, failing PSU, or your PSU can't provide enough power.
  2. Check the air flow through the case. A fan blowing in the wrong direction can cause problems.
  3. PSU providing inadequate power could cause crashes, yes, but not likely to cause overheating (unless you could see that the fan wasn't turning...)

    When did this start? What temps were you getting before? Did anything change either with the computer or with the surrounding area (new carpet? new house? etc) just before it started? What are the external temps? Is it enclosed in a desk, on top of a desk, on the floor, etc?
  4. Its been going on for about a year now, although the blue screens have become much more frequent than when it first started. If i gamed for 8 hours I might have 3 CTDs before, now its about 1-2 an hour.

    It sits in a very open computer stand. I have dogs so I routinely have to make sure that any pet hair is vacuumed out of the case but I am very diligent about that. I am sure the fans are running but I have no idea if the air flow is working as intended, or how I would even really monitor that.

    I don't think im handy enough to start messing around with thermal sealant so I am probably looking at replacing the graphics card but before I do that I really want to make sure that the card is the problem and not some other component.

    Also in regards to the question about taking out the graphics card and testing for crashes. The ONLY time I crash is when playing a 3D game. When it idles at 75 my computer never crashes so I know its the overheating causing the problem.
  5. Try running it with the side of the case off, if this improves the temps then its due to poor case airflow.
  6. Do you happen to have a different card around to try? Or a built in GPU? Anything that will let you get into a 3D game without the current GPU in the case.
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