Confused about seasonic s12II 620w or corsair cx600

i have an i7,asus p8z77 board,1 tb hd,asus dvd rom,asus gtx550ti 1 gb ddr5...
I want a psu and i am confuse about these 4-,PSUD5XZ4KFH65H9E,PSUD5XZ4EFXTQNG7,PSUD5XZ4GCGRASAY
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  1. Seasonic S12II-520 520W is an excellent choice for a GTX 550 ti and Core i7 CPU system.
  2. The S12II is an excellent PSU and more than enough for the 550ti; I have the modular version of that PSU running an HD 6950 with an i3 2120. It's a great deal at that price for you...definitely the way to go.
  3. If the PSU is going to be plugged into a UPS and you're planning on getting either one of those two specific Seasonic models then your UPS must output a pure sine wave during battery operation or the UPS won't switch over to battery operation during a power interruption.
  4. Seasonic.
  5. I am plaaning to get seasonic 520w smps and i have an intex ups
  6. sahil9211 said:
    I am plaaning to get seasonic 520w smps and i have an intex ups

    The Intex 600 VA UPS produces a simulated sine wave when operating on battery power.

    Read the Compatibility with UPSes section of X-bit Labs review of the Seasonic S12-II 520W here:

    The APC SmartUPS SC 620 that was used during the test is a simulated sine wave UPS (i.e. stepped approximation to a sine wave).

    Most PSU review sites do not test for UPS compatibility.
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