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i want to upgrade my integrated x1150 on my dc5750 sff. any suggesstion? thanks..
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  1. Do me a favor and tell me the 12 volt Amp rating on the psu, its on the sticker. I do not think you will have the power for too much of an upgrade and i think you need a low profile card.

    Was thinking 5570, but your power supply will determine in that can be done.
  2. i guess, i didn't change anything
    240W power supply-passive PFC; 240W 80Plus power supply-active PFC.
    should i open the case
  3. If you do open the case, there should be some numbers on the power supply such as 12 volt Amps or just A

    If you can take a picture of the label, it is even better.

    The fastest thing HP offered from the factor was a 2400XT and the most power hungry card they ever added to that system took about 30 watts

    A 5570 or GT 430 are about as good as i would guess from HPs own card selection. They both take a bit more power then HPs top card, but should still be within range of that power supply.

    A 6670 would take about 2x HPs fastest cards power(about 60 watts but more like 45-50 in most games)

    That said, these are both very low/entry level cards.

    Remember, you need a low profile card for your system.
  4. ok.. iwas wondering if i can put the a hd 6570? can or not. and compare with hd5570 which one is the best choice..?
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