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Sound loop + hard freeze during gaming

Hi, a few months back I decided to upgrade my pc, since I wanted to move from dual to quad core I had to get a new mobo. I chose amd, but kept my video card because it still performs well in most of games. the fact is that I faced a very strange problem, which started to happen only after the upgrade. random sound loop+lock ups during 3d games.
I checked every thing: all temperatures ok, latest drivers, no oc, tried different psu's, mem test, ran fur mark for hours and ...
so system was completely stable unless in games, no matter how long I played, it could be first minute or after hours.
after all of this It came to my mind to lower pci-e bus to see if it helped. so I lowered it from 100 (default) to 90 and voila the problem was gone. so it was good for almost 3 months until today which after 1 hour of playing MW3 it happened again. I had to lower the pci-e by 5 to make it stable again. Now I'm really confused what is causing this.

this is my system:

Asrock 770iCafe
Amd phenom II x4 840 3.2
Patriot ram 1333 3 * 2 gb
onboard sound
psu 400 watt, (doesn't seem to be the problem since stress tests are totally stable)
Zotac Geforce 9600 gt 1 gb
win 7 64 bit (tried 3d bit too,the same prob)

I will be very thankful if someone explain me the reasons behind these lock ups.
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    After reading everything you said, I thought to myself that your PSU actually might be a bit on the weak side. Even though you ran some tests and it was ok - those tests might not have been drawing enough power for your system to crash.

    FOr instance, playing a game for any amount of time can sometimes draw more power from your PSU than say doing a test - as in some situations in a game can cause your CPU power and GPU power to spike up - and if your PSU cannot handle it - it can cause instability problems.

    I would try out a spare PSU if you have one on hand...and if not maybe ask a buddy to borrow one.

    To me - it looks your your PSU is about 100watts too low - I would try something in the 500w PSU + range with at least a bronze rating.

    When you lowered your PCI-E bus - it might have shaved off a few watts of use - but still not enough to make your system stable.

    Also I wouldn't reccomend lowering your PCI-E Bus (or increasing it) - it's best to keep it at the default range.
  2. what you are describing usually happens from bad RAM, drivers, or HDD. Most PSU problems I have had caused the machine to reboot completey, with no loops (it runs out of power so it reboots). Could be bad mobo or bad PSU.

    Are you overclocking anything in the system? Some games hate your stuff to be OCd at all, and some are fine with it. The exact problem you listed occurred with BF3 for me when I ran my CPU and GPU overclocks, but was gone when I put it back to stock. Same OC I have been using for a year.
  3. As above, i have seen this with

    1. Too much overclocking. not your problem here
    2. Bad ram
    get memtest86 and run it overnight or as long as you can, 1 pass is not enough.
    3. Sound/Video drivers. Make sure they are up to date

    While i have not had a power supply fail on me ever.

    Stress tests of the cpu do not load the video card and stress test of the video card do not load the cpu.

    Games may well be pushing the system a bit harder.

    A good quality 400 watt power supply should have no issues with the system. Your cpu nor video card are that power hungry. It is still worth a look at the label to see what psu it is.
  4. Thanks everybody for fast replies. I will try things you said . if any good news, I will inform here.

    Edit: so I ran prime and furmark at the same time with some other programs. system was completely stable at highest temperatures . also tried another psu, the same as before. reduced pcie bus to 80, the problem is solved completely, but cant figure out why is it so.
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