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  1. The first one is more powerful by a good bit. Definitely worth $10 extra.
  2. 1st one is a 797 Mhz , 1280 MB crippled 570 (GF110) .... don't mean crippled in a bad way, just that it's a partially disabled 570...570's that didn't pass factory test cause one shader processor cluster was bad .... so they have been rebranded and sold as 560-448's

    2nd one is 822 MHz, 2048 MB 560 (GF114) concern however tho with the 560-448 is, as a "limited edition product", will you be able to find a 2nd one for a later upgrade to SLI ?

    Here's how the factory overclocked 560's score in the following games:

    COD-MW 134
    Bad Company 2 51
    Dirt 2 72
    Far Cry 2 88
    Metro 2033 26
    Dawn of Discovery 73
    Total 444

    Here's how the factory overclocked 560-448's score in the following games:

    COD-MW 133
    Bad Company 2 58
    Dirt 2 78
    Far Cry 2 87
    Metro 2033 27
    Dawn of Discovery 77
    Total 460

    That's a 3.6% advantage for the 560-448 for a 26% increase in price.

    The 560-448 was able to be OC'd as much as 25% over "reference"

    The 560 Ti has been able to be OC'd a bit over 30% over "reference"

    Given the availability issues, the small 3.6% advantage "outta the box", increased cost and better OC ability of the 560 Ti, I'd get the Ti

    This one has shown the highest OC ability

    At higher resolutions or w/ multiple monitors, I'd lean to the 2GB 560 Ti you linked to ..... however that price tag is outrageous.
  3. Well the first is a 1GB 448-core 560ti. The second is a 2GB overclocked 560ti. So probably about the same.... Either way its a good choice.

    Heres Tomsharwares review of the 448-core:,3082.html

    And here Tomshardwares benchmarks of battlefield 3 on a bunch of cards:,3063.html
  4. The 384 core version is not worth that price. I would take the 448 core model any day of the week(1st one). It is basically a GTX570 with 1 SM (Streaming Multiprocessors) disabled.
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