Weird squealing from psu only when playing skyrim

So I have an antec truepower 650w which squeals when i play skyrim and only skyrim. I just got a gtx580 and have been enjoying my other gfx intensive games like the witcher 2 maxed out and metro 2033, but those games have no squeal...any one know whats going on?
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  1. When the current draw exceeds a certain level, your PSU squeals , simple. The other games that you play may not necessarily need that much power for the GPU or the CPU, where as Skyrim might be demanding max output for both... thus the agony under load is audible.
  2. hmm.. but even when i put it on low settings it squeals or does changing the game video settings not change its power consumption ?
  3. The frame rates will change but I've never seen a spec regarding video settings themselves. Maybe you could check this by logging different settings in MSI Afterburner or whatever video card tweaker you have and and see if the GPU usage drops.
  4. It does but it still may be exceeding that level.
  5. WELl, i just reinstalled the game, without updating it and theres no i dunno, maybe it was just the update or something changing how the power was managed by the game...:/
  6. Good for you. But I wouldn't get too upset about the squealing though, if it were too loud and there all the time , I'd go for an RMA but if it happened just under real loads, I'd pretty much count it as something that came along with the rig.
  7. Thanks for the help though! :)
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