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Hi , I know that this is an old issue but I just formated my vaio laptop wth th ati radeon hd 4650 graphic card. Since sony doesnt let me update my video card myself from ati catalyst I went on sony support to download the drivers there. The only version of driver avaible is the 2009 version and I can't upgrade past that because when I try on catalyst it says it's not supported on my computer and on sony website theres only one driver and no update...

ps : sorry for bad english.
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  1. I just managed to install catalyst pro control center but when I try to upgrade drivers it still says to me that I can't upgrade them..
  2. Its an old card most likely 2009 was the last driver update
  3. What OS do you have? Make sure you download the drivers for the correct OS

    You need to download the mobility drivers which are different from the regular catalyst drivers for desktop cards.
  4. I did download fo the correct OS and still no success , the latest update for this driver is 11.14 and i'm still on version 8 :( I downloaded it and it still says its not compatible with my computer..
  5. I have the same problem. I tried every version above 9.7 and still nothing. I've downloaded driver for ATI Radeon hd4650 mobility and the other one. No success. From the information about the driver there is mentioned HD 4650.

    Sorry for my english, and also for refreshed old topic.
  6. Laptop graphics card cannot use the generic graphic drives from AMD or nVidia most of the time. You must use the graphics drivers provided by whatever brand name you bought the laptop from because most of the time they are custom drivers. So if you have a Dell laptop, you must use the drivers from Dell's website. If they have not updated the drivers since 2009, then there is nothing you can do. That is one of many downsides of buying a laptop instead of a desktop.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I have Sony Vaio VGN-FW41E/H. Now i know everything. I also have a PC so it is not a problem
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