Ney build for $2400 please rate

Hey guys i am off to buy a new pc this is the config i decided would want you to rate budget(rs 1,20,000 or $2400)
i live in india please keep that in mind and rate from 1 to 10 beased on price here.thanks
Mainly for gaming,video editing,photoediting web creation.etc
No old parts would be used
yes overclocking would be done
would by 9th march
processor - intel core i7 2600k(would be doing some serius editing)
mobo - asus p8z68 v-pro
graphic card - amd 7970
case - storm trooper
ram - corsair vengence 8gb(would upgrade to 16 gb in 2 months)
hdd - seagate barracuda st2000d1003
mouse - razer mamba(want to show off and it is also a pretty good mouse)
keuboard - razer blackwidow(normal edition)
controller - razer hydra
psu - cooler master silent pro 1000
monitor - not decided please recommend
cooler - corsair h80
wifi card - not decided please recommend(supported by linux ad able to packet injection)
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  1. ASUS VS248H-P Black 24" 2ms HDMI LED Backlight 200$
    Hannspree By HannsG SL231DPB Glossy Black 23" 5ms Full HD LED BackLight 150$
    Asus VH238H Black 23" Full HD HDMI LED Backlight 175$
  2. You probably want to change out your PSU for a decent brand like Seasonic, Antec, XFX.
  3. maybe you just start with 16gb of ram, its so cheap right now (at least in US)
  4. XFX XXX 850w 80+ SILVER is a good choice for's more than enough.swap out stock fans of H80 for cougar 12CM PWM fans.a good 24" LED monitor would my suggstion.Asus is a good brand.other things are good.
  5. I really like the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC. It approaches the 7970's performance but is really quiet and good on power usage while costing a bit less than the 7970. Take a look at the performance charts here on Tom's Hardware.
  6. Wow, very nice build. Blows mine out of the water :)

    I would also suggest going to 12gb or 16gb now, because as morgoth mentioned, it is fairly cheap

    I don't know what motherboard you plan on getting, so here is both ddr3 1333 and ddr3 1600 (corsair) (1333) (1600)
  7. i would rate ur pc to 7.5

    change that psu to corsair 1000w gold

    do u live in mumbai

    i use dell led u2020m it has 20'' 1600x900 pretty low cost at around 8k good quality also a u2420m is best has 24'' ips 5ms display @12-15k if discounted
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