Can i leave my computer on for a Long time?

How long can i leave my computer on? I dont want to keep turning it off and on everytime i want to use it.
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  1. 24/7 is OK for the most part and many people do although I shut mine down overnight.
  2. i know a couple people that have had there pc's going 24/7 for years

    they only turnoff/restart to clean/update them

    a lot of people turn old pc's into servers and leave them runnin 24/7

    so it should be fine
  3. Hi :)

    I run SETI on all my shops computers for 24/7 for weeks at a time....

    No problem at all...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. You can set it to just sleep, if you want, but I've run my PC's 24/7 for many years (only turning the monitor off) and never had an issue (caused by THAT anyway).
  5. The only real downside to leaving it on is that your electric bill will be higher.
  6. I have left my pc on for a week straight and it didnt hurt it at all, i just can't leave it on at night anymore as it is in the same room i sleep in and the lights are very distracting as well as fan noise. The only downsides are if you sleep in the same room as it and noise becomes a problem, and the electric bill will be more if you dont put it to sleep or shut down.
  7. You could just put it into sleep mode, your pc looks like its off, barely uses any power at all, and best of all takes under 10 seconds to turn back on into the way it was before you put it in sleep and what ever programs you had open before you put your pc to sleep will stay exactly the way you left them :)
  8. I only turn my machine off if I go on holiday. Same with some of my friends. In fact I couldn't sleep when I was younger if my pc in my room wasn't switched on (you get used it having it on ;) )

    PC's now are pretty power efficient when idle anyway. CPU fan life time seems to be 5-7 years when left on 24/7.
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