PC showing 2.75GB RAM instead of 4GB

hello i previously had 2 gb ddr3 667mhz ram installed in my cpu. as i play a lot of games i brought another 2 gb ram ddr3 667 mhz and in fitted it in the second ram slot. i installed it properly but when i boot my pc it shows 2.75 gb RAM instead of 4gb. Help please?

My pc: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200@2.53GHz, 1GB Nvidia Geforce 210 Graphics Card, 250 GB HDD.

Help Please!
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  1. I am presuming that is available ram the rest is allocated to system resources.
  2. maybe its because of a 32-bit operating system that it shows less? but even then it should be like 3.25gb i think.
  3. Your GPU memory counts towards the grand total of 4 gigs for your 32 bit OS. Since it's a little more than one gig missing out of the total chunk, I have to ask if you have an integrated GPU as well as your Nvidia card? If you do, turn it off. If not, there's not much you can do. I think you should move to a 64 bit OS.
  4. If i move to a 64-bit OS, most of my hardware does not work on it. Any other way to correct this?
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