AMD processor and radeon HD 6950

I am going to buy a PC with these.


2)Radeon HD 6950( I am planning to convert it to HD 6970 through that BIOS flash though I dont know how yet)

I dont know how, but I heard that this processor can be easily Overclocked.

So keeping all this in mind,from the below link could anyone please select a cabinet ,PSU and (if needed) fan for me(coz I dont know what are the PCIe connectors on PSU,and the size required for cabinet and how many fans would be needed to OC that AMD processor.

OKay, If possible I would like to OC to 4.0 GHz.( So like intel processor do they need any specific motherboard to OC like the z68 in the case of intel ?)

Plz look at the amount and select ones that are cheap but adequate.]

I live in India .so plz dont give "newegg" link

Plz help me ...

PS:the system is meant only for gaming(heavy).
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    for flashing the HD 6950 to the 6970 you need RBE (radeon bios editor) and ATIWinFlash... i beleve that the unlock option is on the last page of RBE here's a good power supply for your system, Corsair makes good supplies i have this case and i must say its a very solid built case, I hated the cable management but that might just be me

    o yea and it is easy to overclock AMD processors on pretty much any supported chipset, but i would reccomend getting a motherboard on the 970 or 990FX chipsets for they have the most features

    and the case i suggested has 3 included fans which you can connect together VIA Molex
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  3. 1. current AMD 6950 can no longer be flashed into AMD 6970. they are no longer cut from AMD 6970s.

    2. any AMD mobo that supports ACC (and your CPU) can change the multiplier on your phenom IIx4 to OC, otherwise you can adjust the NB frequency.
  4. Actually Corsair doesn't even make power supplies, they just put their name on it.

    They are Seasonics or Channel Well's.

    You won't have any reason to overclock that cpu with one 6950.
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