Need some recommendation for an i3 build

Hi need recommendation for an i3 build for my friend,

budget of 300$, place to order, newegg or tiger direct.

SLI/Xfire=yes(but not now. but if some other way people manage to make one up with dual gpu them it's ok)

Country to where they will send the package: US

important stuff: Gaming games like Battlefield 3, skyrim, metro 2033, starwars, scII, dirt 3, GT, office,auto cad, light video/music editing
(plays at medium or high settings)

he prefers brand new

parts he already have: 1920x1080 monitor, MSi Z68A-GD80 (G3) Mobo, Cosmos II case, Corsair AX1200 PSU, Razer mouse/mouse pad/keyboard, USP (already bought)

and yes i know, why buy such a high end case and some high end mobo and an uber Corsair AX1200 and then use i3, well he already bought them when he fell in love with the case and mobo and the other parts and pampers it right now, and then later on looks at his wallet and it all went down to 300$ budget, (this is before rebate and including other charges) and find it funny he shopped around already and missed some lol)

he said he wanted a xfx 7970 dual fans but i told him he'd be out of budget by just that and an i5 so i recommend him an i3, since he won't be getting any budget increase for the next 3 months and he wants to build it in 1-2 weeks.

couldn't help as i can't think of anything that he can buy for 300$ besides ram and proc, but maybe you guys can. of course if by some how by anyway any of you manage to pull one off using an i5 SB then it would be nice.
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  1. I am sorry, but your post is kind of rambling. Could you just list the specific parts needed?
  2. From the above it looks like he spent about ~$800 for the computer already and got
    Case, mobo and PSU - all quality parts but expensive.

    i3 2120 ~$130
    2x4GB 1.5V CAS9 1600Mhz ram ~$45
    500GB HDD ~$90
    DVD writer $20

    comes just under $300

    Has no GPU other than the one on the CPU. There is just no room for it on the budget.
    Only the cpu is kind of a waste so maybe he can get sell it to someone later on or build a HTPC using it at some point in time.
  3. I see, well i'll let him know, im thinking of getting him on buying a lower end gpu as it should help and be playable until he can get his hands on some bread
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