A-Series APU + 6670, or Regular CPU + 6770

Hiya everybody,

My brother wants me to build him a Gaming PC, but I have been out of the computer market for about 6 months. There is some new stuff available that I am unsure of, and wanted your opinion on.

Specifically, I am talking about the A-Series APUs from AMD. Since I am working on a tight budget, they seem like a pretty good buy, getting good onboard graphics, memory, and CPU all on one chip. However, he needs more performance than that, so I would do the 'Assymetric Crossfire' the APU advertises, pairing it with a Radeon 6670.


A.) AMD Athlon II X3 ( ) [$80] + Radeon HD 6770
( ) [$125] for a total of $205


B.) AMD A8-3850 ( ) [$90] + Radeon 6670
( ) [$90] for a total of $180.

So, my question is: Which of these options would be better? He is not exactly a computer guru, so I want it to give as little problems as possible after it is all set up, which shouldn't be an issue. Also there is the problem of upgrade-ability. With Option B, the 6670 is the fastest card the crossfire will work on, so to upgrade it we would need to forfeit the onboard graphics. And which one of these options offers better performance, and by how much? I assume Option A is faster, but if it is only by a little bit then I will still choose option B to save $25.

Sorry for the wall of text, but if anybody has tried option B, or heard about it, please voice your opinion. Thanks :)
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  1. What sort of games are you going to be running? If he expects stuff like BF3 at High or Ultra or Crysis 2 at Ultra or Extreme then you should consider option a as it will be better. But if he does not mind dumbing down the graphics for performance then go for option B. Option A would be quicker and provide more performance. Also be sure that his PSU can handle these in CrossfireX so a good 700w+ PSU should handle those in CrossfireX without a massive OC on them.
    Hope your brother enjoys his PC
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    Really they are going to be close in performance. A8 dual graphics maxes out to about what a 6770 is. so its your choice. obviously with the Athlon on an AM3+ board he can upgrade CPUS later the LLano a8-3850 is a dead end in cpu upgrades. and if you go A you can crossfire your 6770s later for more performance or upgrade to a 6850 (huge upgrade for like 20 bucks

    here is the review for the 3850 dual graphics.
  3. also keep in mind single GPUs are alot less prone to issues.
  4. Don't know if time is a big thing for you now, but you'd be better off with Trinity, for the graphics unit included on them will be of the 7000 family, which is a tad better for gaming than the 6000.
  5. Alright, thanks for the answers. I am going to go with option A, due to it providing better performance, me being more familiar with them - as that is similar to what I have in my box, and the future upgrade-ability. Probably doesn't matter now, but he doesn't need to max out everything. He is an xbox convert so even medium settings will look great! The new APUs are probably a pain in the but to OC as well, and I am just starting to get good with it on the current AMD CPUs (on crappy boards).

    Thanks again for the help. :)
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