Gaming Rig That Can Run These Games On Normal Settings.

Heres my buget 400-500, I do need a Monitor, and keyboard. I kinda need a gaming rig that and run New Vegas and Fallout 3 on normal settings or higher. Thanks.
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  1. £ or $
  2. Core i3-2100, Gigabyte h61 motherboard, 2x4gb DDR3 1333 ram, AMD 6850 video card.
  3. Instead of i3 go with the pentium g620
  4. bumnut53 said:
    £ or $

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  6. Ok, try this
    Intel g620 dual-core @ 2.6Ghz (thanks for suggestion amuffin) 69$
    Nvidia gts 450 (what? its a good card!) 120$
    Biostar budget micro atx motherboard 50$
    Dual channel ddr3 1333 4gb (very solid ram, used in many builds)20$
    acer 18.5 inch 1366 x 768 monitor 90$
    530w power supply, enough to power system. 40$
    Seagate Barracuda 120gb hdd (can upgrade later if you want)70$
    Gigabyte budget case, nothing pretty, but it works. 20$
    lightOn keyboard (looks alright) 8$
    CheapCheap budget mouse 8$

    This leaves you with a whopping 6 bucks.

    Performance wise, you should expect good fps on your desired settings, for both fallout games :)
  7. newt183 said:
    Nvidia gts 450 (what? its a good card!) 120$

    No, it isn't when you can get a more powerful Radeon 6770-6790 for cheaper or the same price.
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