Radeon 6950 - DVI to HDMI adapter?

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if hooking my Radeon 6950 up to my Sharp 32" TV would be possible with a DVI to HDMI adapter. Also just wondering if anyone else does this, or is this just too big?

I noticed some are $100+, but I'm wondering if something like this would do? http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/rocketfish-hdmi-to-dvi-adaptor-rf-g1174/10121676.aspx?path=15077fb9b5085034c0cab692013b3265en02

Please advise.

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  1. You can't just use a standard HDMI cable to connect both ways?
  2. The DVI to HDMI adaptor should work but it wont carry a sound signal as the DVI output does not have that function. The screen is not to big but the results may not be as good as you hoped. You also have to watch out for burn especially if the TV is a plasma.
  3. not sure if it still works with 6950, but I have seen my HD4770 connect to a tv with sounds output through a DVI to HDMI connector, fairly sure it can carry a sound signal.

    and yeah any DVI to HDMI connector should work.
  4. Yeah it will be fine and don't spend a lot of money on one. Mine was $5 from a local retailer and works fine.

    I have GTX 460 DVI to HDMI to TV
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