Wall Mountable All in One Touch Screen PC?

Does anybody on here know of any All in One Touch Screen PCs that can be mounted on a wall with the usual vesa mount, as im looking for one for my kitchen.

I have a budget of £900 and it must have WIFI (N) class.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. The HP Touchsmart's have removable feet for wall mounting.

    I believe the Sony Vaio L11S1ES can be wall mounted.

    I also believe some of asus PC's can be wall mounted but you need to buy a bracket from asus for about £30.
  2. Thanks could really do with some online retail links.
  3. A google for HP Touchsmart will bring those up, amazon, currys all stock it.

    Sony vaio is proving difficult to find.


    Theres a link to the asus wall mount bracket, i believe it fits all their eepc line.
  4. Ive been looking at this one but not sure if its wall mountable, although it looks to have the vesa mount holes in the back .

  5. I believe they are but i think you have to buy the acer wall mount bracket.
  6. Shuttle has a 15.6" all-in-one touch screen without any fan, and has VESA.
  7. Dell Optiplex 9010 All in One
  8. My friend told me about them using the Thinlabs HELIOS wall mountable Touch screen devices which support 75/100mm VESA wall mounts to deploy Point Of Care SaaS application for their hospitals.

    I then got one for myself and mounted it in our family room and this serves as the toushcreen DJ unit to play music videos off youtube when we have parties. Pretty cool! Here the one I got (18.5 inch, there 2-3 options) - http://www.thinlabs.com/products/thin-clients/helios
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