Video card size concern for ASUS P8H67-M LE micro-atx

I am someday planning to build a sweet and cheap but powerful (dunno with you) gaming PC.

I wish to have a Nvidia 560 Ti as my video card and my mobo would be an ASUS P8H67-M LE (MICRO-ATX) (it's the only available in my place.) The CPU would be an i3-2100 and 4gb DDR3 RAM. Case is a Coolermaster Elite 343 (The case is sweet! Simplicity with black awesomeness).

My concern is that the mobo's slot for the video card is kinda near the RAM slots. And since the 560 Ti is a big card, if I install it in the mobo, will it hit the RAM slot or even the RAM?

Concern is within my poor soul at this very moment because I don't wanna disappoint myself and see that the video card bumps like a b*tch to the measly RAMs and then cause me to cry.

Here's the mobo:

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS. I am itching to have an awesome gaming experience someday with my wishful and hypothetical PC and don't want to ruin it with the video card being a "hitter". Whatever that means. :)
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  1. Well, the board would run along the same line as the pci-e slot. The majority of the hardware is on the far side of the board (opposite the RAM). On the back (side close to the RAM) there is very little going on there that's likely to get in the way.

    Basically i cant see the RAM being an issue
  2. It will fit perfect. The video card is mounted on PCIE slot with the radiator down.
  3. Just make sure the video card fits the cooler master elite case, the motherboard is not an issue.
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