Help buying a GPU!!

I want to play games like Bf3, skyrim, CS:GO. I only have one 1080p monitor and dont plan on having a multiple monitor display.

Which of the 3 card is better and why?




oh, and does the MSI card have cuda technology evevn though it doesnt say anything about it.
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  1. The top one is the most overclocked in the bunch. The bottom has a newer version of Open GL (4.2 versus 4.1) but has the lowest clock speed. If you use HDMI, then do you have a full-size or miniature HDMI input for your monitor and/or TV? These are the only details I can make out that have any considerable effect.

    I don't have much experience in the field of computer gaming (console gaming is another subject), but I'd lean toward the top one myself if I had to decide among the 3. It's not only the fastest one of the 3, but it's also cheaper, a double bonus.
  2. That MSI card is a great deal - already overclocked, possibly the best air cooler made, great build quality.

    Yes, all* Nvidia cards use CUDA tech.
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