3D over VNC or RDP, Help?

I have a server in a closet at home. It's got an 8800 GT and a Q6600. It mostly serves files, transcodes movies for playback on my 360, and runs a TF2 server. I've got a gigabit network in my home, and have LANs here failry regularly.

My objective here is to discover a way to use a low power system to RDP or VNC into the server for lanning without having to move the server, as it is very delicate. I've had some success. Roughly 8 fps on small youtube videos, which is more than I initially expected. Does anyone have any experience with a high speed-high compression RDP or VNC client? Also insight into optimizing the mouse/keyboard would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Why is not possible to simply run the VNC/RDP server on the server?? Maybe I'm just not getting what the issue is here.
  2. rather not move the server into the lan room. want games to run on the server and have a terminal that would vnc into the server.
  3. LOL, maybe it's me. Still puzzled, but also curious.

    Why does installing VNC server on the server involve *moving* the server?

    You go over to the server. You install VNC on the server. You run VNC client from another machine and connect to that VNC server. You're done.

    What am I missing?
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    Your missing the fact that running a game at 1024X768 fullcolor and 30FPS is roughly 6-700MB of bitmapped images a second. Transfer that over ethernet; its not possible to achieve that transfer rate, no matter what protocol or software you use.

    The ability to encode and decode the image to a size that would be able to be transmitted over the network will be so slow, that it again wouldn't be feasible. At the theoretical best you'll only get 2-3 FPS in games, and the lag in reaction time between the two machines will be unplayable.
  5. Ok, thanks, lol. I knew somehow this just wasn't making sense. I thought the OP was just trying to VNC for maintenance other light duties. I wasn't thinking he was trying to run the game's client remotely! Maybe that just a reflection of my lack of interest in gaming generally.

    Yeah, running full motion video of any kinds, even say MCE, is always a problem. VNC/RDP assumes screen updates are relatively limited. And sometimes there are technical limitations if the app is using say overlays, and the remote desktop doesn’t support it (you’ll just get a black screen).
  6. Thank you someone19. Not the answer I was hoping for, but I'll accept it :P
  7. I've done some thin clients in the past using linux and Xwindows, so unfortunately I know the limitations of a remote desktop quite well.
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