Half-length, Half-height PCIe GFX cards

Does anyone know any passively cooled, half-length, half-height PCIe GFX cards?

Preferably one that is capable of 1080p playback..

Thanks and MERRY XMAS! :)
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  1. What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    What is your budget?

    I think your refering to a low-profile card.Would something like this work for you...

  2. Not sure what my CPU and RAM would matter, but ok...

    I would like to use the following piece of kit:

    HP Proliant MicroServer

    with 8GB RAM, SSD Boot Drive and a few data drives.

    On the website and on the DataSheet it says it has one x16 half-height, half-length PCIe slot.

    So no, I am not referring to a low profile card; I am asking if there is a half-length, half-height PCIe GFX card.

    It will be used only for HD playback, no games and would preferably be silent [passively cooled] and in addition it will have to be Nvidia as I'm using FreeBSD and it doesn't support KLM, therefore no AMD :(

    Something like a half-length, low-profile Nvidia GeForce 210 would be ideal.

    Sorry, i should have been more specific in my original post. Thanks for the link though, looks like a great deal, just not for me.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!
  3. I was reading around in other forums about this and they are also suggesting a low-profile card.From the looks of it all you need is short, single slot card.

    Something like this should work...

  4. I get that this is a low-profile i.e. half-height card. But is it "half-length"?

    I've never heard of this "half-length" thing before, so i'm not sure if any of these cards are half-length. They all look normal sized to me. :/

    Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a great deal, and much better suited to my needs.. Will keep digging around to see if it will fit..

    Thanks again.
  5. As an alternative you can always measure the case/PCI-E slot to see if it will fit with the cards specs.

    It looks to me like your case is a mini tower.So it should fit any single slot card low profile card.I think HP just worded it differently.
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