Wordfilter for spam posts?

The spam has gotten pretty bad on the news articles. Why not wordfilter for the clothing brands often mentioned in those posts and delete them early? I'm fairly sure ed hardy and gucci have little to do with 99.9% of tech articles.

Just an idea. Might be temporary depending on how fast the spammers figure stuff out. I don't know how they operate their stuff, but they seem to be fairly good at it (or toms seems to not care...).
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  1. The existing word filter doesn't work on article comments, only posts made directly in the forum. Of course that itself doesn't delete posts, it just censors the junk out. It's handy for breaking links though.
  2. Spammers more then none use probably the same computers, access the same site, and use it almost the same as anyone else would. "Same" kind of computers anyways.

    Wordfilters think would get hard to use after awhile. But still not so easy to work with either. Know spellcheck on about anything doesn't work. If they even have it.

    Rather that is any help, I don't know.

    Links should just drop link of use for use to site, not link from site to site. But would need copy/paste function. But still, again, is just an idea.

    But who knows, alot of thought for me.
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