3x GTX 580's with this psu

Hiya all.
I have a Galaxy Evo 1250. Can anyone confirm or deny this unit is capable of running 3x gtx 580's? I just received my 3rd and since have had a few hiccups running mine. Sound popping in sync with sudden frame drops mainly. Spikes only happen under extreme heavy loads where I can actually see the afterburner load graph plummet. Running Unigines Heaven benchmark is where this occurs mainly. I do overclock though this happens at stock speeds too. Thanks in advance.

System Specs:
Gigabyte GA-p67a-ud7-b3 motherboard
3x Zotac Amp! Edition gtx 580 gpus
Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250 (1500w peak) psu
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  1. I'll answer my own question. It cannot. Just pushed the button on an ax1200. Kinda bummed but I know I'll be happy with the corsair.
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