Overclocking galaxy gt520 2gig ddr3 graphics card

hi i was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about overclocking this model graphics card. and also looking for tips on overclocking in general seeing as this is my first time. when i got the graphics card it was 833mhz core and i believe 1700mhz shader freq. and the memory freq. is at 500. these are the specs that the program that came with the graphics card are saying is "low power" graphics. and just looking for HQ gaming for skyrim and swtor. TY for the help ahead of time <3
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  1. yaaa im not coming back to this website. >.> back to hardwareanalysis.com for me then. at least they answer you on there..........
  2. First of all you posted on christmas eve, so little people were here.

    Anyway, download MSI afterburner, HWMonitor and FurMark. Run FurMark Burn-in, keep checking temps. Adjust core and memory little by little, until it crashes. When it does, increase voltage little by little, until it's stable. Keep it doing it again and again until temps allow.
  3. Sorry no one on here was able to reply to you. Normally nobody goes unanswered. Being Christmas eve you just slip through the craks. I would hope you would give the community anther chance. You can learn so much on here and there are a lot of smart people on here to help anybody with any problems they have with computing and other stuff. Anyway Good luck to you.
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