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I've been having random crashes playing SWTOR. It crashes going to a single colored screen, usually forcing a hard reboot.

I held Ctrl-Alt-Del and it went back to the dekstop and I saw the display driver crash notification. Did some research and well it seems it can be anything. But usually the culprit seems to be bad RAM or over heating.

My idle is 30C, gaming is about 43C. I think it's safe to rule out heating. Swapped out my 8GB of Ripjaws and put in my old 4GB, I'm going to see if that gives me problems. I don't remember getting this crash when I was on the previous RAM now that I think of it...

But if it does come back, I doubt I have 4 bad sticks of RAM. So if it's the case, where do I look to next, the GPU (XFX-5850) I mean I've done everything to find the issue. From cleaning the registry, wipe the old drivers and install the latest, clean the inside of the case, ran Furmark, memtest for about an hour (should it have gone longer? I was impatient with SWTOR), disabled Aero.

Hopefully my system stabilizes. I'm not OC'd or anything either.
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  1. Which temperature is 43? The CPU? The GPU? Find the temps for both.
    Can you reproduce this reliably enough to test your hardware? I'd advise you to try it with one stick of RAM at a time, but this'll be a lot more useful if, say, it always crashes within half an hour.
    Also, after you've tested the RAM, go back one graphics driver. Sometimes old versions are stabler.
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