What do i need

have built a new pc want to know some convenient and essential things to download
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  1. for what purpose? monitoring temps,hardware etc?
    for overclocking vid cards or to get hardware information?
  2. 1 things that are convenient/easy to use that dont come with win7
    2 extreme gaming tools overclocking fan monitoring fan speed adjustments ect ect ect
  3. Hwmonitor is useful, as is CPU-Z, GPU-Z
    intel burntest for your clocking stability tests,
    coretemps a handy one for putting your temps onto the taskbar
    msi afterburner is popular for gfx cards or use amd's catalyst centre if you prefer (should've gotten that with the driver disk)
    speedfan will adjust fans but can be glitchy with some things,
    thats about all I can think of atm
  4. i would like everyones personal reccomendations/what they use as well
  5. I use all the above except intel burn test,speedfan and afterburner,
    I'm sure other members will add to the list once thier timezone catches up though :)
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