Mimicking the Big O

I had this crazy insane idea. I want Origin's Big O. Who would've thunk huh?
Well I don't have 14+k to spend on a new setup. But I may have enough to build a pretty nice one.

I would love to combine my 360 and pc as well as incorporating some serious liquid cooling which I may be able to do on my own with some trial and error, but I keep coming back to the same issue. What case could possibly house such a setup?

I'm pretty handy but this may require some serious customization, possibly from scratch. I'd rather not have to build this thing by hand, anyone know of a case that could house this much awesomeness?

My PC will consist of a full atx motherboard, 2 high end video cards, as well as a video capture card. And whatever is included in an xbox 360. The pictures of the Big O hint at possibly a shared motherboard for both systems, is this correct? Are these motherboards available for public purchase?
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  1. I don't get it. Why is there an xbox within a PC case?
  2. Why is there not an xbox within every pc case?
  3. I don't understand it either. A high end PC can do anything a 360 can ten times better. However OP, I'll do what I can to help you.

    After taking a look at the "big O" I have concluded it's essentially two completely separate systems housed within a single case. Nothing is interconnected, except maybe the cooling system. If you look, you'll see they aren't even in the same case compartment, rather it's really two cases slapped together.

    If you want to replicate this, you'll need to go a similar route. The only case I can think of which supports this is the Azza Fusion 4000: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811517017 it can handle an E-ATX motherboard on bottom and a mini-ITX on top. No guarantee you can fit and xbox up there but I think it's your best bet.
    Really though, why do you wanna do this? While it may be possible, it's certainly not practical.
  4. Really my end game is just to have a central hub for all my major electronics excluding any non computing devices, displays, printers, etc. Possibilities for including DVR, routers, modems, etc. are not excluded.

    From the sound of the responses, I'm not sure if you're referring to why I would want multiple systems in a single case or if you're referring to there being an easier solution?

    If, instead of combining hardware, there was a way to allocate part of my current system to run the 360 software I'd be interested in that process. My xbox either way could use some more proper cooling systems, the idea of combining hardware would make that easier, also it would be just plain fun.
  5. Haha, makes sense. I personally was questioning the reason for placing and xbox inside a PC. Sounds like a fun project!

    As I stated above, the difficulty is going to be finding a case that can support both. The "Big O" essentially uses two cases slapped together, not one whole unit.
  6. If it's just for fun then I'm up for it. I agree the case striker linked might work for your purpose. Are you going to hook up liquid cooling on your XBox?
  7. Check out this guys work log.


    The case he uses has two compartments for two full systems.

    Its pretty much two cases side by side.
  8. Definitely, I'll be putting cpu blocks and gpu blocks on everything and wire it all up to a good pump and reservoir. I thought about possibly sandwiching the motherboards, face them both inwards and mount the motherboards on both sides of the case. I'll need to strip my xbox to figure out how it's arranged.

    The CoolerMaster HAF X would be useful in this setup due to the massive fans on top. I could then run all the liquid cooling in between the motherboards with some space for the reservoir up front right behind the 5.25 bays. And the pump underneath the bays. All I would need to do would be to drill some screw holes into the windowed side panel.
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