What\'s the link for the those CPU stats?

MSN, CNBC, FOX, and many other trusted networks offer technical data views of what you have inside your machine. Some Networks go even further by offering automated control, all have a web address you can connect threw on any PC in America. (and 2/3rds the Earth's population by now.)

I am interested in automation on a Global, Mobile, and Stationary scale. HTTP, FTP, POP, PPP, connections, is simple standard USB and Bluetooth protocol, there's also WiFi to consider.

So, What is the most used web address, is it most people go to, to see what they have inside there own machine?
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  1. Inside as in the parts that they use? DO you specifically mean the software?
  2. Inside like what parts you have, what features, (Similar as dxdiag is for software, ) as in hardware.
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