Broken onboard Video How to install New Card?

I have a emachine T6212 computer which has onboard video which has broken or gone bad. It started a few months back with squiggley lines all over the screen horizontally. I could hardly read any words. I didn't do anything about it then they got worse and one day it went black. Now it will boot up but as soon as it gets to the windows desktop it goes black again. I searched and found that the lines mean it is the video card. Well now I cannot do anything because it goes black so fast. So I want to istall an aftermarket video card into its pcie x16 slot but how do I install it considering I cannot navigate around the screen at all because it goes black. Will it automatically switch and use it? Also the video card I saw on has s-video & DVI out only. How would I connect this to my current standard monitor with normal connections only? Please Help!!
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  1. Youtube has many tutorials on how to insert a GPU.

    And I don't know what you mean by 'standard monitor with normal connection'. Do you mean VGA? You can buy an adapter.
  2. yes VGA is what I meant. I have seen the videos. I know how to physically install the gpu. What I need to know is how do I install the software or drivers & bypass the onboard if I cannot see anything due to the fact that the onboard video is bad?
  3. After installing the new GPU, make sure to connect the wires from your monitor to the new GPU's sockets and not the onboard GPU sockets. I believe by default, after your insert the GPU, your computer should bypass the onboard GPU for the dedicated GPU.
  4. First, just make sure that the cables from the monitor (VGA) is connected to the GPU. If your GPU doesn't have them, make sure you buy an adapter. When you boot, you probably see small resolution (like 800x600 or something). But don't worry, it's because there are no GPU driver is over there. Then you would download or install the driver of the GPU from the CD that comes on the GPU or from the Manufacturers' website (either Nvidia or amd website, or manufacturers that you buy from like asus, msi, gigabyte, etc). After Installing you reboot and your system should adapt to the new GPU and use it.

    Hope this helps and good luck :)
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