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So today I received my new DLINK DIR-655 Wireless router. I did this so I can actually achieve the 300 mbps because I also have a DWA-556 DLINK adapter. However when setting up the router, it does not go successfully. I can connect to the internet, but I have no internet connection. This is pissing me off. Already spent 8 hours trying to fix this. The CD doesn't even help at all, instead it finds no connections when an ethernet cable is hooked up. I'm hooking the router up to a wireless netgear modem. HELP!!!!
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  1. So you're actually chaining routers together.

    [netgear wireless modem+router](lan)<-- wire -->(wan)[dlink dir-655]

    Ideally you should be reconfiguring the netgear wireless modem in "bridge mode" so it passes the public IP to your new D-Link DIR-655. That effectively demotes the netgear to a pure modem (routing is disabled). That's not to say you can't chain routers without using bridge mode on the netgear, but doing so avoids other complications later (e.g., port forwarding issues due to having multiple NAT/firewalls).

    You also need to make sure each router is using different subnets. If the netgear is say using 192.168.1.x, you need to make sure the dlink is using say 192.168.2.x (basically anything but 192.168.1.x). Otherwise you'll have routing issues between the two routers.
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