5970 troubles

Did anyone ever follow up on the 5970 issues? I know quite a few people were having troubles with it, and so some decided to RMA the card, but I dont have the guts to yet. Still need help on whether or not its a driver issue, just a bad card, or what. I'm getting anywhere from 40-60 fps with drops down to 20 fps in crysis 1 (maxed out) on a small 17 in monitor not OC'd, A solid 60 fps in APB (maxed out), 40-60 fps in WoW Cataclysm (maxed out dx11), 60 fps in MW2 (maxed out).

i5 2500k (OC'd to 4.0ghz)
asRock extreme 6 mobo
4gb PNY ram 1333mhz
Diamond radeon 5970 GPU
Corsair 750w PSU
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  1. Uninstall your current drivers, download and install driver sweeper ( from phyxion.net), go into safe mode and use it to clean all ATI driver leftovers, then download and install the latest catalyst 12.1 beta.

    Also get the free version of 3DMARK11 and run a full test, it'll tell you if your score is comparable to similar systems or not. If it is then we can point at the specific games as the issue.
  2. Wow... Says its Low compared to simmilar systems.. P4494 3DMarks
  3. Has it always been like that or did it start slowing down just recently? Tried cleaning the drivers already?
  4. Its always been like this. and yes i cleaned the drivers.
  5. I just don't know what to do. Christmas is tommorow, I dont feel like paying $25 to RMA the card then wait 2 months for them to say that its out of stock then get my money back, then haveing to pay $200 more dollars for a gtx 580 which is way outa my budget. i just dont know what I should do.
  6. Wow thats weird recon... Its funny though cause on my 3d mark score sheet it says that my GPU is running at
    Core clock 399 MHz
    Memory clock 900 MHz
    ... Strange
  7. Those are the idle clocks when you have 2 or more monitors. not the clocks during the benchmark.
  8. Oh, well i have 1 monitor,
  9. Its strange that this 5970 is performing so low...
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