Any good "hardcore-ish" gamingDesktop computers under 600 dollars?

I'm looking for a gaming desktop that can play modern games like Skyrim and Minecraft at normal-ish settings at good framerate (and Wii and PS2 emulators at good framerate in HD!) that is under 600, preferably under 550 but it doesn't really matter. Please reply! ;)
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  1. Wrong thread matey! go to Forums: New Build or Prebuilt depending whether you are planning to build or buy it.
  2. Wrong forum section.
  3. I'd like to ask, but is it necessary to have two different threads on the same topic?
  4. sorry
  5. This topic has been moved from the section Laptops & Notebooks to section Systems by Nikorr
  6. Still, anyone know of any good gaming desktops under 600 dollars? Not homebuilt...
  7. Are you talking pre-built? Your best bet would be something like this

    The graphics card can perform at medium-low on today's games.
    If you want real performance, you would have to switch out graphics cards.
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