New power supply slimline wont turn on

I wanted to upgrade my power supply to run the 9800gt. So I replaced the stock psu with a new low profile 300w sparkle psu . However the machine won't turn on, no lights or fans. But the stock power supply still works flawlessly. The cables I plugged in from the new psu was the 24 pin connector and the two sata cables for the hard drive ect., just like with the stock psu. Yet strangely the computer shows no sign of power.The computer Model is an hp slimline s3707c. Thank you! :)
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    Most likely dead since the old one goes back in and works. You hardly missed any connections.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. However the sparkle psu doesn't seem to be dead, the fan turns on when I connect it to a paper clip. I've read around that there's a 4 pin connector that's required to plug in, but I couldn't find where it plugs.

    The name of the psu is: 300W Power Supply FSP SPARKLE SPI270LE
  3. So if there is a 4 pin where is it on the old one? Not seen on your motherboard

    It should run if the 24 pin is in correctly and getting good power signal.
  4. I've looked, there isn't a 4 pin on the old one. But perhaps the Micro Fit ATX power connector converter adapter is to blame?
  5. Check the wire colors on both PSU connectors.
  6. Both psu connector wires are completely identical in color, as well as the adapter. I've also tried a 3rd 270w Sparkle power supply with the same results, but a green wire was disconnected on that one. thanks for your suggestions so far :)
  7. I do not know what to say the wires are color coded for their connections and if they are the same it has to be the PSU. The green wire has to be connected for the second PSU to work as per the paperclip test.
  8. Ok, so it seems when I remove the 9800gt from the mobo the computer will power on with the sparkle 300w power supply. However, when I insert the card, a yellow/orange flash of light appears by the power button and then the computer will fail to turn on. *another thing, I removed the bracket from the graphics card for it was too big and left it bracketless. Would I need to get a low profile bracket for the card or would it make a difference?
  9. No if they reach you do not need them and it is really only the 24 pin ATX connector needed for it to power on that is the same as the paperclip test.
  10. Thank you Rolli59 for all of your help so far.

    When I leave the graphics card into the computer along with the sparkle, it won't turn on. However when the card is taken out, the computer boots normally with the sparkle. Also if I use the stock power supply with the graphics card, it works normally however, the computer won't be able to detect the card. How can I get the sparkle compatible with the 9800gt graphics card?
  11. This is new info. The card probably needs more power, does it have a power connector?
  12. The problem has been solved, it seemed the power cord just needed a little adjusting lol. Thanks again rolli59
  13. Ok enjoy!
  14. Grim news, when I restarted the computer to put the Cd-drive back in the case the problem persisted. I'll have to try and revive it again :s
  15. If you had to adjust the cord before check if it has a bad connection on the wires into the connector.
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