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Call of duty 2

is call of duty 2 compatible with intel graphic card chipsets
i have tried installing it on my uncles pc but the error occurs when we try to start the game"directx encountered an unrecoverable error" and then after pressing ok the FAQ open
i have installed directx 10 on xp but the game wont work at any cost
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  1. Dx10 doesn't work on XP...... even though somebody put something on the web that said their way would allow it. COD2 is a DX9 game but even saying that I doubt Intel on board graphics can play it.
  2. Windows XP only supports DX9 so I'm not sure how you were able to install DX10 in that OS.
  3. How old is the Intel "GPU"? I remember my neighbor about 3yr ago by now bought a new computer. His kids tried to play Halo 1 on it and could only barely play with EVERYTHING turned down low. The integrated stuff on the current SB CPUs could probably play it on low, but the old GMA stuff probably can't.

    BTW, I don't know what you installed, but there is no DX10 for XP, nor does CoD2 support it. DX9.c is all you can put on XP.
  4. According to the following video COD2 is playable on an Intel GMA 4500
  5. well so iguess intel gpus are well **** .Actually directx 10 for xp is unofficial soi,ll try the game with directx 9.but how do i get back to dx 9 .It doesnot go back is theri anyway i can rollback t dx 9
  6. + the graphic card my uncle has is intel (R) 82945g 256mb(shows 224mb) with 1 gb(shows 0.99gb) of ram and a
    3.0 ghz intel pentium 4 processor
  7. People have talked about an unofficial DX 10 patch for Windows XP, but I haven't heard of it actually working. Those few case where I heard someone actually got it working were really hoaxes.

    If you can install DX10 in Win XP, then good for you.
  8. You can't. Whats worse is I've heard of people installing something on their PC that they think will give them DX10, but instead infects their computer with nasty stuff.
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    I think you corrupted your uncle's DirectX when you tried to install DirectX 10, and that's why it doesn't work. I think the only solution would be to reinstall windows.. because fixing DirectX corruptions ain't very possible.
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