Nvidia allocating more video memory or vram

can someone answer if this if even possible?
i have 2 nvidia gtx295 and is really sucks that out of the 3.8 gigs of vram it only uses 890 m.
can i somehow use my ram to add video memory?
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  1. you are talking about system memory you have 4gb of system memory and 1gb of vram.
  2. You can't add more vram, but I can tell you what's happening.

    When you run SLI/Crossfire or have multi GPU video cards. The vram isn't pooled into one set of memory, it's duplicated for each GPU.

    2 1GB cards in SLI doesn't let you use 2GB of vram. You still have the 1GB limit because each GPU has a copy of the memory in use.

    A standard GTX 295 has 2 GPUs and 1792mb of vram or 896mb per GPU. So in your case it's a 4 X 896 setup since you have 2 GTX 295s.
  3. First answer : u r an idiot.
    Second answer : thanks... So my only option is to buy a new card.
    Also, i dont see any reason to use quad sli - the memory runs out way before the card's gpu even got to 30 % in games such as bf3.
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