Wireless speeds B G N? question!

Now I have a wireless netgear router that says B - 11mbps
I use muh Xbox 360 , my ipod, and my laptop, those are whats normally connected to my router.
I know N is the fastest wireless router you can buy.

I have comcast for my isp. Cable modem

Would I get faster speeds with a new wireless N model? Or does that only make a difference if there are tons of machines running on the router at the same time?

Thanks! Im a bit confused.
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  1. you would probably notice some speed increase with a newer router.. in my area i pay for 12 mbps and can get up to 22mbps from comcast.. so if each client connects at the max they could not use all of the bandwidth comcast could give you.

    check out www.speedtest.net to see what you are getting from comast as a peak speed.
  2. Will it increase the speed of your modem, no. Will your surfing experience improve, definitely. N and G have higher speeds at the same distance, and longer distances at the same speed. The response time will improve with the faster rate as well.

    Personally I like to invest in network equipment, and would now buy a N router with a gigabit switch. They should start at $50 and go up from there with build quality and features. I wouldn't buy G models for sale currently as they are reaching the end of the technology and most models are built for economics, not quality.
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