Should a laptop graphics card breakdown after just a year

I have a Dell Inspiron M5030 and about two weeks ago, I went to turn it on after closing the lid to talk with somebody and nothing happened. It would make noises like it was going to start up but it would never kick on, and finally after trying to turn it on multiple times it finally came back on. When it did, the screenwas neon green (instead of the inital black windows screen) and grainy. after it finally got to the log in screen, the colors were all distorted and they stayed that way on the home screen. I took it to best buy (since that's where it was purchased from) snd the geek squad guy said it was either the graphics card, which is attached to the motherboard or the motherboard itself, but that the only way to know which one it was, was for them to send it out to their repair guys (for a small, non-refundable fee of $65.95.) They would check it out then call me with an estimate of the total repair cost. If i chose to have it repaired, the fee would be applied to the repair cost and if I chose not have it repaired, I'd lose the fee. His suggestion was that it would be better to just buy a new computer, rather than have it repaired as this particular type of repair could easily get really expensive (as in over $200). My question is simply, should my graphics card have failed after just one year of regular use? I've tried contacting dell support but the won't really help me because my warrenty expired(without my knowing) about three weeks before the graphics card failed.
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  1. Typically on Dell laptops and desktops it is the motherboard that fails. Since your graphics are integrated on the motherboard, it really does not matter if they failed. It still requires a motherboard replacement.

    And yes, it can happen in a year. If you buy a Dell, it is generally best to get the 3 year carry in warranty if they still offer it. Of course you bought it at Best Buy, so it would be a Geek Squad warranty. Had you bought it directly from Dell, you might have some wiggle room.

    At any rate, I would get a quote on a motherboard replacement and then decide. If you buy a different brand machine, go Lenovo. Much better track record.
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