How to setup my own game server

i was given an old dell optiplex 210L with a P4 w/ hyper threading @ 3GHz and i added 2 gigs of ram from the stock 1gb and it has a 160 gig HDD

it sitting around doing nothing soooo........

i want to set it up with windows 7 x64(bit) (i already have a CD)and then use it as a privet game server for like Garry's mod or any valve source games just about

i would really like the help since im a n00b with this :)
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  1. Hello Tom, I would suggest posting over in the network forums. They may have more info and support for you than here.

    Basically you will need to make sure it has open ports for certain games, and other small technical details. Also, a IP address for that computer is essential for others to find the system. It can be very simple to set up, to some-what complicated.

    Good luck in your efforts!
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