Need some General Advice. Custom Computer -Done-

Hey guys! I'm getting a new computer for my birthday in June, but I only know a little about the parts. I've relied upon my friends and google to help out, but I'm still not sure. Hope you guys can help!

Goal - Gaming and potentially Recording
Starcraft 2
EVE Online

I also want to get into actually recording video-games, if that causes any changes. Anyways, this is my build at the moment, via CyberPower Z68 Configurator:

Again, I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks :D

P.S. I also have a max budget of $1500 USD, so try to help me out about that.
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  1. Not sure what you were thinking with the 6750. Updated build coming up.
    EDIT: oh, TWO 6750s. Here's why you don't want to go that way:,2995-15.html
    Are you sure you need a wireless card? I thought I would, but then I realized I didn't want an internet connection that went flat whenever somebody used the microwave.

    Here we are. $1522 with a 2500K and a 570.
  2. Like I said, I've been depending on Google and various friends. I'm not so Hardware-Savvy, that's why I posted on this forum. Thanks for the help. Thanks for the build!
    Also, wouldn't I need the wireless card to connect to my Wifi? Although I should really use a landline/cable instead, shouldn't I?
  3. Yes and yes. You'd need a card for your wifi, but you should run a cable from the router if that's feasible.
  4. Yah, routers are faster. Guess I can drop the card then. Again, thanks for all the help!
  5. why did you use a z68 mobo with a non overclocking cpu?
  6. ^because he didn't know :P but I changed it.
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