Cannot get dual cards working...

Hi All,

In one of my i7-920's I had 2 x 4770's until recently.

The main use of my machines is crunching BOINC, though I have begun to play a few games (ie F1-2011 and Skyrim etc).

I recently upgraded this main rig (new X58-PRO E mobo, 1000W PSU and then recently a 6950 card).

Was hopinmg to run the 6950 and both 4770's (being extra greedy for BOINC credits) but I can see major heat issues developing, so that will wait until I can get my water blocks for these cards orderddn and delivered.

Problem is, that I was using this board with dual 4770's no problem, but now, with the 6950 in it, BOINC cannot see the 4770 I have in with it.

It isn't simply BOINC "mucking up" as Afterburner and CCC dont "see" the 4770 either.

I have that horrible feeling it is something stupidly simple (in fact - I think it happened when I put the dual 5850's in the second i7 a while back).. but I cannot work it out..

Any tips, checklists etc that might help will be gratefully accepted.

thanks in advance, and Merry Chrissy to all Toms Hardware members.

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  1. I don't believe that you can run a third different GPU when you already have 2 running in Crossfire. The 6950 should be about 5 times better by its self than those 2 weakling 4770's in Crossfire.
  2. I dont run them in crossfire mode, they all run individually... I use these machines mainly for BOINC (if you aren't familiar with it, google - it is distributed computing of medical, scientific, mathematical research).
    Single cards are a much better option for this as each one runs an individual work unit separately.

    I cannot even get ONE 4770 running alongside the 6950 at this stage... I have been told by others that they are currently running different generation cards quite happily, even ati & nVidia cards in the one machine (supposedly - may have to try it).

    The 6950 is the main display card and suffices on its own for any gaming I do... just seems wasteful to have the 2 4770's sitting here doing nothing when they are actually VERY productive (seeing they are double precision cards) for BOINC/ calculations etc.

    So, the setup is 1 x 6950. then I wish to run another card, a 4770 , seperately, and if overheating can be avoided, another 4770 as well.
    There is ample power available.

    Thanks for the reply.. hopefully I have cleared up anything I didn't include to abvoid confusion.

  3. that 1 6950 would give you the best results.
  4. @ amuffin.. I know the 6950 is the "superior" card of the lot, but the fact is that I wish to run at least one of the 4770's , seperately to the 6950 (ie not crossfire) as each vidoe card does sh*tloads of processing work , which is the main reason I have these machines.

    Yes, I do use this computer for gaming a bit, and the 6950 is great, but the extra card is not for ANYthing except running BOINC Work Units...

    It doesn't matter that the 6950 is better than the others, I want as many cards running as possible - the more I have running, the more work gets done on research for problems such as Malaria, cancer, clean enrgy solutions, the LHC at CERN, Protein folding research, climate prediction etc etc.

    So, I just want to know what I may have missed in setup or whatever, that is stopping this card from being "seen"/ recognised by not only the BOINC program , but by MSI afterburner, CCC , GPUz etc etc ..

  5. I worked out what the problem was... so simple and something I had simply forgotten about...
    uninstall catalyst/ drivers and re-install.... problem solved !

    Thanks all.
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