Suggestion on new dx 11 gpu

hello! I have following system configuration :

Motherboard : Simmtronics G31-E(K)
Hard Drive : Samsung 500 GB
OS : Windows 7
CPU : E5700

I want to upgrade my gpu to dx 11 cards, please suggest me good gpu ati or nvidia for intex psu,I don't want to upgrade my PSU,Can HD 6770 1GB will run on this psu
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  1. Yes 6770 will. Make sure your motherboard have pci-e slot 2.0 compatible (not 1.x).
  2. till how much far i can go with intex 450w i mean better than HD 6770
  3. How much amps on the 12V rail?
  4. Can i run gtx 460 1gb with this psu?
  5. I have 1 x PCI E x 16 Slot

    Please somebody answer my question?
  6. No, I don't think so. To be save you want to run 6770 only.

    Suggest me nvidia equivalent of HD 6770 WHICH WILL WORK ON MY PSU?

  8. Are you talking about PhysX? Most people who had heard about it aren't aware that only very few games support it, and all other games will look identical on either card.
    List of games that support PhysX:
  9. I must to say ATI is better now days. And it's better for you because few games support physX and ATI cards is more power saving then nvidia.
  10. can i max out every game with this card if i plan to buy FULLHD monitor in future?

    Also is this card future proof?
  11. this is my full psu specification on intex orion cabinet :

    SMPS 450 Watt (24 Pin)
    Model No IT-2045S
    Input Voltage Range 220V AC
    Frequency 50Hz±5%
    Current 4A

    D.C Output Voltage: +5V; Current: 40A
    Voltage: +12V; Current: 20A
    Voltage: +3.3V; Current: 28A
    Voltage: -5V; Current: 0.5A
    Voltage: -12V; Current: 0.5A
    Voltage: +5V SB; Current: 2A

    Suggest me list of GPU'S ATI OR NVIDIA that will support my psu

    I mean dx 11 gpu's only?
  12. No, HD 6770 won't max out most modern games at FULLHD. There isn't a card that would do with your PSU. You'd need at least 600W quality PSU to max out every game at FULLHD, and GTX 570/580 or HD6970.
  13. will any hd 6770 ati brand work with above psu specification?

    if it does which brand is best?

    also tell me to which resolution i can max out everything?
  14. If you want to max out any games buy corsair TX750 and get yourself Nvidia 580. you should be able to max out games at 1024x720. best brands are: ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, HIS, Sapphire.
  15. I have a GTX 460 1 GB. On the box it says that a 42A on 12 V PSU is required. ON the other hand, researching the web and nVidia site there it says that a 12v 32 A PSU is required... So definatly a GTX 460 on 20 A / 12V PSU its excluded..
  16. should i buy hd 6670 or 6770?
  17. i wont dare to run a hd6770 on intex generic psu. they may label it 450watts
    but its only giving 300 or 350!! i say u must upgrade your psu to a true rated
    branded psu like antec,seasonic,etc. skimping on a psu could bear to a more
    serious problems and even ruin your system
  18. refillable has said that it will work on intex 450w psu?
  19. Well you don't need much power, I think 350W is even enough. But Still, you said before you are trying to max out games on Full HD. Which means you need new PSU and it's recommended you do so.
  20. please! tell me honestly guys will hd 6770 works on intex 450w psu?
  21. agree with reffilable,pushing that powersupply will cause it to break and maybe it will take your mobo and gpu!think bout that!!!! your hard earned money will blow infront of you. not literally!! maybe smoke
  22. Also till what resolution max out everything intex 450w psu will support?
  23. i only power up motherboard,cpu,ram,honestech tv tuner,usb slots,hard drive,optical drive, will other power left will enough for hd 6770.I have 2 free 4pin molexs.
  24. play only at the monitors native res. AA and AF and video details stresses the gpu! be aware cos most gpu consumes almost half of the systems overall consumption! and maxing it makes hit on the psu, thats why psu is a part of the system that should never be skimmped in building a system. hope that helps u a !lot
  25. There are many views but no answer??
  26. So please suggest be best possible gpu for my intex psu evrything maxed out

    i only plat at 1024x768

    if i want to buy psu which psu is good for my cabinet

    i am also tight on budget please suggest best psu under rs 1000
  27. you can try it yourself, but monitor your rig. if its unstable replace your psu! thats the only problem i see in your build
  28. Sorry but 1000 rs is around $19, and you won't find any PSU for that price..

    And of course there are many opinions, because every person who posts here have their own opinion..

    Both are great.


    If you want realism then buy a top tier AMD card. Realism isn't an nVidia vs AMD thing.

    As for physics, that's like buying a specific yacht because they serve good martinis in the bar.. Which may be a good reason to buy a yacht, I don't know, never bought a yacht. Anyways hardware Physx doesn't improve game play, it improves the debris/sparks and such in the few places in the few games that support it. Will it make your game better? No, you wouldn't notice it if you weren't looking for it. No. no dedicated Physx for you.

    > should i buy hd 6670 or 6770?

    I'd get the 6770. AMD's site says it will run on a 450w psu. Check their site for it.

    This site shows power reqs:

    If your psu is good then you'll be ok. If your psu is not then who knows. I had a 460 watt psu that ran my vid card fine but after a year the system started to brown out so I grabbed a used 350w, shoved it in to my cd drive bay and tied the signal on pins together and moved my my drives / fans to it and then everything was happy again.

    Good luck in your upgrade.
  30. at that resolution, if u want dx11 a5670 will do with that psu! a hd6770 will be happy in a seasonic s12ii 430watts! see its rated lower than you generic psu but its power is true. that 430 watts seasonic give you a 80+ efficiency
  31. suggest me best psu gpu combo under rs 10000
  32. can hd 6670 will max out everything on 1280x1024 intex 450w

    $168, just below rs 9000. It might be more expensive in india, but should fit in your 10000 budget.
  34. is hd 5670 better than galaxy gt 240 ddr3

    tell me which of the following is best for my psu

    hd 5670,hd 6670 or hd 6770?

    max out everything in 1024x768

    or 1280x1024
  35. which gpu is best for my intex 450w maxing out everything at 1280x1024 or 1024x768

    hd 6670 or hd 6750
  36. GT240 doesn't support DX11.
  37. XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 Price in India: Rs. 6,500/- Indian Rupee (INR) for 512MB model
    50.0 0.94
    100.0 1.89
    200.0 3.79
    500.0 9.48
    1,000.0 18.96
    2,000.0 37.93
    5,000.0 94.84
    10,000.0 189.68
    20,000.0 379.36
    50,000.0 948.40
    100,000.0 1,896.81
    200,000.0 3,793.62
    500,000.0 9,484.05
    1,000,000.0 18,968.10
    2,000,000.0 37,936.21
    5,000,000.0 94,840.54
    10,000,000.0 189,681.08
  38. so which should i buy hd 6670 or hd 6750?
  39. if it fits your buget, the 6750 is your choice
  40. will hd 6770 work on my intex psu at 1024x768 all maxed out
  41. no reply ???????????????????????????
  42. yes it will work! no overclocking! run at stock! and it depends on the game you play, a 6770 cant max out new games, even at low res. but i still sugest you buy a new psu
  43. yes! But to max out games at full HD buy a new PSU still, and buy another stronger GPU.

    i have above monitor of native resolution 1280x1024,if I play all modern games maxed out everything at this native resolution on HIS HD 6770 1GB

    GDDR5, will intex 450w psu be stable,I mean at this native resolution all maxed out ?
  45. Please reply guys I don't want to upgrade my psu as it is Atx 2.03 and I play

    maximum at 1280x1024 only????????????????????????????????
  46. if it works then okay if not please suggest me good performance dx 11 gpu that best fits my psu without the need of upgrading it????????????????
  47. Wow, talk about a needy poster......... calm down dude......... your PSU is junk. Upgrade your PSU to at least 600W if your just going to have a single card. Get a 850W or more if you gonna Crossfire. Jesus........... PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!! LOL
  48. Are you Japanese or something?
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