Is this a good rig to buy?

So I dont care about budget as there is none so im just asking I've chosen some of the best componements for a new gaming rig as my last one keeps turning on for split second then instantly turning off I have no clue why..

Anyways here is the stuff

Building Custom PC:

Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1090T Processor, Black Edition

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V Formula AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6GB/s

Graphic Card: Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850

Gaming Ram: Patriot Memory 'Sector 5' G Series 4GBs

Is this good for the recent games and old ? I'll change anything if needed.. I need to know if this is what I should buy and if its all compatable.

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  1. You may want to get a better GPU like the 7970 or even 6970.
    6850 is mid tier GPU.

    As for your old rig, you may want check if bumped the memory. That what happened to my rig. :p
  2. I see but from what i've read the 6850 is pretty good at handling much gaming and Im not sure i'd upgrade about 2 gens if I wont see a difference
  3. Since you said you want the best components, and budget does not matter. Go get the i7 3960x, hd 7970 CF, ASUS x79 rampage, corsair AX1200w, and 4 x 2TB hard drives in raid 6. You will be safe for a couple years.
    Just by the way, big difference between 6850 and 7970.
  4. @testier alright thanks, I shall upgrade my components I mostly made this thread to make sure what I selected was all compatable with the motherboard but I guess it is!~
  5. Yea, I fully back testier up when he says the 7970 is better than the 6850. Cause dude if anyone thinks the 6850 is better than a 7970 and they don't have a budget. Wrong. +1 for the build idea. What better way than to get the latest and greatest if not limited to a budget
  6. get the i5 2500k with crossfire 7950s.
  7. esrever said:
    get the i5 2500k with crossfire 7950s.

    how is i5 better than 6 core amd phenom ii x6
  8. dont just look at the cores. The architecture is completely different. Sandy Bridge is way faster.
  9. esrever said:
    get the i5 2500k with crossfire 7950s.

    He does not have a budget so why not spend the money. :wahoo:
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  11. Ah alright I'll keep that in mind, IM not exactly good at building PC's but I know my way inside and out good.

    Thats why I registered on these forums for help from others.
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