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Just switched to cable from dsl, and now the modem is in a room at the far end of the house (about 50ft away). The installer used my Linksys WRT54G wireless router to broadcast my PC with a NetGear Wireless N USB adapter.

The connection has been fine so far(Windows shows it going between "fair" and "good", but I want to upgrade the router to get the most out of my connection. Am I ok going with a Netgear wireless N model ? I do mostly first person shooters online...and my ping times have been sub-55ms with no packet loss so far.

Anything I should know now that my gaming PC isnt hardwired to my router and now is wireless?

And I assume most wireless routers allow you to prioritize traffic nowadays? Amirite?
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  1. Grab a nice n router to go with that n adapter!
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Grab a nice n router to go with that n adapter!

    How does this help?


    Here's a few things
    -Wireless routing has nowadays 3 formats: b/g/n. B is the oldest, G is what you have, N is what you want. G had 2 performance boosts made to it: 1 for distance, 1 for strength. N combines the 2.
    -Wireless devices use 12 channels. Some overlap. Channel 1 does not overlap with 6 and above, 12 doesn't overlap with 6 and below. So pick either 1, 6 or 12.
    -Wireless routers have 2 types of designs: single band and dual band. Single = 1 frequency, your normal broadcasting frequency. Dual band adds a second one at double the frequency. This helps make sure information gets through smoothly. Dual band is a little more expensive though.
    -Yes you are ok going with a Netgear, I'd do more research into it than that though.
    -Most routers do allow you to prioritize traffic, make sure to double check the specs/features beforehand.
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