PSU Sleeving/Opinion on color scheme

Sup guys.

I've decided to sleeve the PSU I'm gonna buy.
Does anyone sell colored plugs for all the PSU wires?
(Not sure if they're called plugs. I mean the plastic thing all the wires go into.)
Like if I want a white 24 pin plug, can I buy it from somewhere?

Now, I want your opinions on the color scheme I'm thinking of.

Case: White NZXT Switch 810

Sleeving: White MDPC Sleeving

SATA Sleeving: White MDPC SATA Sleeving

Heat Shrink: Blue MDPC Heat shrinks

The only LEDs in the case will be: NZXT Sleeved LED Kit-White

I will also have a WC setup.
It will be clear tubing and an internal mounted clear cylindrical res with blue coolant.

What are your opinions on this?
Also, feel free to share your ideas with me.

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  1. blue 'n' white sounds good but i think red on black is better :)
  2. Thanks. =)
    And do you know anything about the first question?
  3. Blue and white sounds nice to me too. I read your thread last night and tried to google your question and couldnt find any results. Plus the links you gave are in german so i only got an idea from the pictures.
  4. The international website was down so I was only able to put up the German one.

    Also, should I keep the fans black, white or blue?

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