AMD A6-3420M vs. Intel core i3-2330M

Hi, I am looking for a laptop mainly for music production and some gaming which I will use temporarily until I can afford a good desktop PC. I have found two at roughly the same price, one has an i3 processor and the other has an AMD processor.

The i3...
here are the specs for the processor...

The AMD...
here are the specs for the processor...

I don't know alot about computers and at first i thought that the AMD would be better as it is quad core as opposed to the dual core i3, it has 8GB of RAM as opposed to 4GB, and it also has way more hard drive space.

I then looked at the specs and saw that the AMD runs at 1.5ghz whereas the i3 runs at 2.2ghz, however the AMD has a turbo boost of 2.4ghz (but im not sure what that means). I also realised that the i3 has 4 threads which is the same as the AMD, so now i'm thinking that the i3 is probably better?

Any ideas? Thanks
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  1. The AMD CPU is slightly ahead in applications that use all four cores. The Intel is slightly ahead in others. The AMD has stronger graphics. The AMD spec laptop in question has better value - I'd buy the AMD.
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