Is my GTX 570 working properly

I just installed a new gtx 570 and upon launching Skyrim, the game auto adjusted the settings to only a tad higher than my gtx 550 ti. Confused, I turned everything to ultra and tried out the game. Everything ran smoothly, altough I'm not sure how many frames per second, as I don't have software to track that. I also looked at the benchmarks for the game, and saw that the 570 can run Skyrim maxed out with aplom. (The processor used in the benchmark was the same as mine i5 2500k.) Is it normal for some games to downstep certain graphical options in an attempt to achieve crazy framerates or something? Is my card working okay? Also could anyone recommend software that traks fps-it would be great to see how the game was performing. Thanks so much for any feedback!

Win 7 64bit
i5 2500k
evega nvidia gtx 570
16 gig RAM
corsair 750 psu
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  1. I see no reason for it not to run properly. Fraps
  2. Games' auto graphics adjustments are not always accurate and reliable. don't pay much attention to it. Try to adjust all options manually.
  3. Skyrim set my settings to Ultra High with a 560 Ti but downgraded some of the setting such as AA, texture quality and anisotropic... I maxed everything out and it runs @ 30-50 fps just fine. Your card is working well; blame Skyrim auto-adjustment tool :)
  4. Thanks for the feeback all! I suspected that the game's auto adjuster was accurate. Nice to know for sure.
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