Overclocking 6950

hi all
i have msi r6950 twin frozr iii pe/oc
i unlocked the card with bios provided by msi.
i have voltage unlocked.

now what i want to know is that what settings should i keep so that it doesnt hamper warranty or life of the card

i play games like crysis , metro , bf , cod
so help
normally i keep it till 1.15v and 900 and 1325 which is default max for a default 6950.
so help me.
i read ppl saying 1070 mhz
but also saying fryed.

so plz dont help me fry mine.
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  1. I'm running the twin frozr 6950 ii on stock bios (unlocking is a waste IMO) and I play all games @ 950/1450 overclock. Voltage is at 1181

    I'm getting 35 - 40fps in BF3 on one card in EYEFINITY @ 5740x1080 resolution. Ultra settings, post process Medium, no MSAA, Hbao on, no motion blur. These cards do WELL with OC'ing :)
  2. Thats good
    I would like to know the max official voltage do i dont burn my card
  3. fah_q said:
    and I play all games @ 950/1450 overclock. Voltage is at 1181

    +1 for those clocks & voltages.That's really good.

    Also, you could try the traditional way...
    * Start to bump up Core & Memory clocks by low value, say (50 MHz) then you test your OC stability (play games and make load on GPU)
    if no problems happen (crashes,freezes, BSODs) then you're fine and you can bump those a little bit higher.
    Repeat it many times until you reach the limits of your OC (until you crash or you get BSOD)

    Note 1: Check temperatures after each OC you do.
    Note 2: Don't mess up with voltages as long as you're stable. IF you're unstable bump up voltages a little bit high.
  4. ok i have stabled

    i wanted to ask how does the memory and auxiliary voltage help ?
    and is it true that beyond 1400mhz mem , ocing is useless ?
  5. Anonymous said:
    and is it true that beyond 1400mhz mem , ocing is useless ?

    No it's not useless, but you can't push the memory clock too far from the core clock, both must be within a reasonable range.
  6. so r mine in the reasonable range ?
    is it true unlocking is waste as fah told ?

    is there any way that the application can alter the msiab profile automatically ?
    or like separate profile for every app ?
  7. the gfx driver would crash even on 925/1375 @ 1.179v
    the time it takes to crash varies from the demand of the game
    i even tried all voltages to max and 920/1370

    would restoring original bios help ?
    i think because a 6970 requires more power than 6950.
    should i bump up the voltages more ?
  8. looks like whatever i do max is 900/1350 only
    if i restore the bios and achieve 950/1400 @1.181v
    would it perform better ?
  9. Don't flash back, if you run @ the stock settings just fine... stick with it.
  10. so what should i do to get better clocks ?
    i am stuck at 900/1300 with a 6970
    if i get 6950 and 950/1400 , wouldn't it be better ?
  11. Don't damage your card for the sake of 5-8 FPS more. If you've problems Overclocking, just stay @ the default clocks. The HD 6950/6970 still powerful cards @ defaults.
  12. so should i keep 6970 at default ?
  13. and what is the default voltage of 6950 ?
    is 1.149 ok for the unlocked msi r6950 twin frozr iii pe/oc ?

    what are memory / aux voltage for ?
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